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We have created a behaviour change program like no other.  We guarantee it works!!

Musculoskeletal injuries are being built up in the bodies of working people every day, costing our governments and our insurers billions of dollars per year, not to mention the pain and suffering of our working people and the consequential disadvantages suffered by their families.

Safety professionals can be the gateway to solving this epidemic in a practical, efficient and effective manner, but to do this they must re-think current practices and change current approaches.

There are many ways to look at the problem of manual handling. How we define the problem will determine how we see the solution. The fact is manual handling injuries are continuing to increase and manual handling problems remain unsolved and this is expected to continue into the future unless we make dramatic changes to our current approach.

Years of research by members of the Backsafe® Team suggest that the manual handling problem exists because most staff have no awareness of the physical work habits they employ when carrying out manual handling tasks. These unconscious work habits often use the joints of the body against their intended design. This type of body movement occurs throughout the working day in general and job specific tasks and builds up hidden injury in the joints. Over time these hidden injuries build up into musculoskeletal disorders throughout the workforce. Without changing these continual unconscious work habits workplace musculoskeletal disorders are unavoidable.

The Backsafe Manual Handling Training Program is designed around this new approach which makes it unique from all other programs. We have developed and revised our approach over 27 years of training a wide range of workers across Australia and know with full certainty that this is the only way to truly tackle the manual handling epidemic we face today. Read through each of these offerings to see how we deliver our Backsafe training.

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