17 September 2018
Benefits of Manual Handling Training | Backsafe

Benefits Of And Reasons To Start Manual Handling Training

Having a job is part of life, but getting injured at work should not be a concern of the employees. As the head of the company […]
7 May 2018

Backsafeing the Level Crossing Removal Project in VIC

The Level Crossing Removal Authority was established in 2015 by the Victorian Government to oversee the largest rail infrastructure project in the state’s history. Central to […]
8 March 2018

8 Prevention is Better than Cure Points

We all want to achieve a happy and productive workplace. With that comes the right and obligation to provide a safe working environment where risks are […]
30 January 2018

Health And Safety Management Systems

An employee getting relevant Manual Handling Training is one of the best ways to prevent common workplace injuries. It’s also useful in improving the employees overall training, knowledge, […]
30 January 2018

Six Advantages to Manual Handling Training for Employees

Manual Handling Training looks to ‘prevent’ workplace injuries that can be endured when competing tasks such as Manual Handling. Using method ‘prevention is better than cure’, […]