The world according to ergonomists is often centered around understanding human factors and designing equipment around our “I’m only human” limitations.  Sure, we think that’s an important consideration but the science behind our approach sees a different heading: Strength and longevity … and that’s one of the reasons why our approach sees our programs gaining popularity across the nation.

From our workstation ergonomics activities through to facilities renovation consulting; we do all we can to help our clients build the most comfortable places to work where employees can thrive.  We also assist those employees to better understand their musculoskeletal system, their habits, and what they need to do to build physical resilience and vitality. We provide national ergonomics services across every industry, and while every engagement has a tailored approach our Backsafe Ergonomic Assessments are all based on the unique Backsafe approach to eliminating poor manual handling and the associated musculoskeletal disorders it creates. Read through each of these offerings to see how we deliver our Ergonomic services.

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