Audits and assessments are an opportunity for an organisation and workplace health check, with the aim of fostering continual improvement.  Our approach is highly geared towards identifying and recording best practice, identifying improvement opportunities, and working with the business to pragmatically address challenges not just limited to such matters as the comfort of all staff.

Our Ergonomics Job Station Assessments activities maintain a highly practical focus and are cognisant of the fact that every workplace will have its nuances and evolutionary reasons for current day practices with scope including:

  • Workstation ergonomics
  • Workstation ergonomics other than desk, screen and chair setups
  • Office delivery and dispatch procedures
  • Office inventory storage
  • Office brochure/report creation procedures
  • Desk, screen and chair setups
  • Musculoskeletal comfort and or disorder, risk review
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • WHS process review

Option 1: Individual Assessments include:

  • Average 20-30 minute assessing each job station set up and a brief discussion with each staff member to check comfort levels and any difficulties

Option 2: Group Assessments include:

  • Groups of up to 10 at a time. In the group session, we coach in pairs to assess each other before our senior consultant reviews and tweaks the job station setups as needed.  This empowers all staff to have a go at applying the general ergonomic principles in our program – while still having a consultant on hand to carry out a final check. Our goal is to set up and inform all staff as to best practice work habits to keep them free from risk.

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