We’ve helped thousands of clients over the last 26 years and here’s a few you may recognise

MANUAL HANDLING TRAINING in the workplace with our proven edutainment approach

The Backsafe Difference

Not all training programs were created equal. Compare the ingredients, delivery and outcomes to assess the true return on investment.

No doubt you will have sat through “Death by PowerPoint” presentations and boring snoring training sessions. When the pain finally stopped ask yourself "Were you upskilled and engaged?" Probably not. With our unique WHS training we guarantee that you will not only be engaged you will see an immediate decrease in your safety statistics.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you really need to speak to us today:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders dominate your injury statistics
  • Safety performance has plateaued
  • Employee’s don’t look forward to training sessions
  • Manual handling training is not tailored
  • You are challenged in rolling out a program across your entire organisation
  • Training expenditure does not provide a high performing return on investment

Backsafe’s approach is different. Very different. Sure, we’ve been around over a quarter of a century, but we don’t judge our success on that metric. Training we deliver provides exceptionally high cultural and financial returns. Our in-house trainers keeps a finger on the industry pulse while our program designers shape our service offerings with a core engagement value: “Edutainment”.

That’s right – our training sessions are fun. Attendees remember the session for years, which means the principles we teach protect your workforce longer. Gone are the days of training knowledge retention lasting just 3 months. How do we know this? Backsafe has become the “not so secret weapon” through many industries because it not only achieves a major step change in injury prevention, but that performance proves time and time again to be sustainable.

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Training Certification

Backsafe is affiliated with a National Registered Training Organisation ‘iAscend’. We work together to provide a full range of accredited and non-accredited training options for our clients.

While our management offices are located in Melbourne and Sydney, we deliver WHS solutions across the Australia and the Pacific region. Our training programs not only help bring our clients to legal compliance but develop and implement the world’s best practice standards. We work closely with our clients to reduce injuries, saving millions of dollars in workers’ compensation claims and insurance premiums.

Digital Training & Management

Our suite of training programs has been at the forefront of safety education for over 26 years. In line with contemporary education, and cognisant of remote workforces; we have now extended the programs by developing a digital training and management platform. We see face-to-face program delivery as still the most effective engagement action, however, when complemented by smart technology and engaging digital resources, a complete training solution is provided.

Best training practice is recognised as being continuous education rather than relying on any single training event. In order to influence long term knowledge retention, we have created a world class platform which delivers learning campaigns of micro-learning opportunities throughout the year which build on the initial engagement. These digitally delivered activities reinforce classroom learning while extending their application in the workplace. The result is continuous engagement leading to high performance outcomes.

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