Workplace Bullying and Sexual Harassment

Secure the health, safety and welfare of employees and other persons at work and eliminate underlying risk by creating a more harmonious workplace environment. This will not only help you meet all legal requirements under the OHS Act but help you build a cooperative workplace that is productive and prosperous.

Workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination can have a significant negative impact on individuals and the workplace. Like all hazards in the workplace it needs to be managed. Everyone at work has a responsibility for work health and safety physical and psychological and to ensure that workplace bullying does not occur.

Our training sessions will help managers and their staff understand what bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination is and how to handle it if it occurs. We will cover the following topics;

- How to identify, manage and investigate workplace bullying, sexual harassment and other unacceptable workplace behaviours

- How to develop an Action Plan and embed it in your HR and/or Safety system

- Development and/or review of policies and procedures that relate to Workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination

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