We build strategies for our clients that systematically make their workplaces safer, happier, and more productive. How do they achieve this? Because we provide them strategic direction that is practical, achievable, and live. We also strengthen their most critical piece – delivery.

Our WHS Strategy services include:

  • Policy and Procedure Setting
  • WHS Legal Obligations
  • Process Improvement
  • Initiative Planning matched to Real Analytics
  • KPI Development and Monitoring
  • WHS Department Capability Review

Risk Management Solutions

How do we consistently reduce our clients’ risk profiles year on year? Our risk management experts apply not only best practice, but customised solutions that provide value through entire organisations. Less risk means lower insurance, incidents, and Time Away From Work.

Our Risk Management services include:

  • Hazard Identification
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Process Design and Verification
  • Manual handling assessment
  • Incident Management and Investigation
  • Emergency Response Plans and Drills

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