Stretchsafe® Training

This program is to some degree incorporated in the Backsafe Level 1 and 2 Program but can also be delivered more fully as a stand-alone program. It teaches participants about the importance of warming up and stretching before work and after breaks and how and why one is less likely to be injured if Stretchsafe® becomes an integral part of the daily activities in the workplace.

The Stretchsafe Trainer takes participants through an interactive and safe warm-up and static stretching routine designed specifically to their workplace needs. This routine should then be performed in their workplace, either on their own or as a group session. The goal is to reduce the possibility of manual handling related injuries by building a positive culture of being "athletes in industry" and having the necessary skills to prevent injuries from occurring. This will break the common attitude where staff turn up for work sleepy, unfocused and/or cold to start.

These training sessions are conducted in groups of up to 20 people at a time and initially take between 45 -60 minutes to complete depending on the numbers of attendees. The aim of this training is to set up a warm up and stretch program at work that achieves its aim to have staff do a 5min warm up and stretch before tackling moving loads first thing in the morning or after breaks.

This training can also be taught as a Stretchsafe Train the In-house Trainer Program. We have seen dramatic morale changes occur when this program is successfully implemented. We have also seen productivity increase and the workplace become a more fun filled and enjoyable experience as different staff begin to take-up the new way of preparing for work.

Sample Program Content

  • What is stretching?
  • What is a warm up?
  • Why there is a need to stretch before work and after breaks
  • Static safe stretching rules
  • How to instruct fellow workers on doing safe stretches
  • Developing a safe in-house stretching program

Who should attend this training?

This program is designed for all staff, supervisors and management responsible for safety in their work place.

How is the program's content covered?

This practical hands-on program is undertaken face-to-face in the classroom. Due to the interactive nature of this program, the maximum class size is 20 participants. We have all of the aids necessary to implement the training and the on-going supervision of the training as time goes on. Our aim is to leave several trained staff behind to manage and conduct the on-going program. Therefore there is a train the in-house trainer component to the overall program.Periodically it is wise to have one of our Stretchsafe Trainer audit the ongoing activity so that the sessions don't move to dynamic stretching sessions where staff can over step the mark and get hurt.

Where and when is this program delivered?

This program will be delivered in your workplace, anywhere in any geographical location. We are insured by RTO Insurance to indemnify you against public liability claims and we are also professionally indemnified. The training can be at any time of the day or night depending on your schedule. The first facilitated delivery of this program should be before the commencement of the shift. We understand that it is important for many organisations to have the same standards across different workplaces and so we are willing to travel to any site.


There are no prerequisites for this program.


A certificate of attendance will be issued at the completion of this training program upon request.


Please contact us at any time to request a proposal. We also offer a special rate for community organisations as our contribution to the community in which we live. Please contact us for a quote on 13 000 BACKSAFE (13 000 222 57) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will get back to you within 24 hours.