Backsafe Manual Handling Safety Champions

This training program is an innovative enforcement step of the Backsafe Pathway Program designed to achieve a full implementation of the Backsafe 1 & 2 programs. In all business safety programs it is the job of senior management to get full compliance. It is also an obligation under the Act for all staff to comply with safety matters. This program provides the mechanism for compliance.

We work with you to determine likely in-house Champions for Safety from every major section of the organisation. These people are chosen for their genuine care of fellow staff members, their strong communication skills and their capacity to be taught how to correct fellow staff on the spot, when they are found to be using incorrect bio-mechanics and poor manual handling techniques in the workplace.

This training program also enables these new Safety Champions to be able to identify manual handling hazards in the workplace and to ensure other employees are applying the correct methods of manual handling and body motion care. These staff should be graduates of our Backsafe Manual Handling Risk Assessment training where possible.

Sample Content of Audit

  • Basics of manual handling hazard identification and risk assessments
  • The use of all of the Backsafe manual handling learning tools including, the Backsafe Leverage Principal, the Backsafe Safety Zone, the Backsafe Warm ups and Stretches Program and the Backsafe Lifting Techniques and more
  • Basic human anatomy and why injuries occur
  • Breaking the bad manual handling habit
  • Finding the value for change in yourself and others
  • OHSE Manual Handling Philosophy and Organising Principles
  • Resistance or co-operation

Who should attend this training?

This program is designed for general employees, leading hands, supervisors and managers who are passionate about protecting workers and eliminating injuries in the workplace. We would advise that 1 or 2 employees from each major work area be invited to attend.

How is the program's content covered?

This program is undertaken face-to-face in the classroom. A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 attendees per session are ideal for this training. The program is conducted over a period of 6 hours.

Where and when is this program delivered?

This program will be delivered in your workplace, anywhere in any geographical location. We are insured by RTO Insurance to indemnify you against public liability claims and we are also professionally indemnified. The training can be at any time of the day or night depending on your schedule. We understand that it is important for many organisations to have the same standards across different workplaces and so we are willing to travel to any site.


Backsafe Manual Handling Training Level 1 & 2.


A certificate of attendance will be issued at the completion of this training program upon request.


Please contact us at any time to request a proposal. We also offer a special rate for community organisations as our contribution to the community in which we live. Please contact us for a quote on 13 000 BACKSAFE (13 000 222 57) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will get back to you within 24 hours.