Manual Handling Corporate Presentations

Manual handling is the number one category of injuries in all industries and should be the concern of all safety, HR managers and executives of every business. On the rare occasion that all staff is brought together for an event we are often asked to present the sometimes considered boring subject of manual handling to the assembled group.

To combat this preconceived notion, we have developed an edu-tainment philosophy with our presentations and we have the skill to present this subject in an interactive, dynamic and entertaining way.

Corporate presentations that pack a punch are our business.

Our presentations can take from 20 mins to 2 hours which ever you prefer. We absolutely guarantee that your attendees will rave about our presentation. And at the same time will delight in the content and will walk away with a new point of view regarding musculo-skeletal injuries.

Program Content

The content of the presentation will depend on the time allotted but rest assured we will cover all essential elements to get your staff engaged and inspired to care for themselves at work and at home.

Who should attend this training?

Our presentation is suitable for all staff. It gives us the opportunity to engage with them on the human level, no matter what their rank within the organisation. Because all people engage in various manual handling activities at home and at work we appeal to their sense of safety for their own benefit and make it very clear the risks associated with incorrect body movements.

How is the program's content covered?

This program is undertaken face-to-face in any venue, auditorium or workshop. If any opportunity exists for interactivity and participation some of our drills are fun and revealing. Our presenter will always get everyone up and involved. We guarantee the content will be engaging, thought –provoking and delivered with enough humour to make it a bit of fun, whilst being serious at poignant moments to get a frank safety message across.


Please contact us at any time to request a proposal. We also offer a special rate for community organisations as our contribution to the community in which we live. Please contact us for a quote on 13 000 BACKSAFE (13 000 222 57) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will get back to you within 24 hours.