Manual Handling Blended Learning

On-line training coupled with face to face assessments is the direction of the future. Early graduates of on-line learning often failed practical application tests because they lacked group input and teacher guidance as well as the narrative story telling that goes with the live tuition model. Blending these two activities is the new way forward for the Backsafe Program.

E-learning is a relatively new and growing element in all areas of corporate training and so we have developed an online training module as a new element of the Backsafe Pathway of programs and services.

Knowledge about manual handling related issues is able to be transferred to some degree by online learning however there is still a need for face to face assessment of the participant's ability and suitability to push, pull and restrain loads.

In our face to face training, participants are assessed by a Backsafe Trainer as to whether they are ready for safe manual handling and fit for work. If a participant initially fails the Backsafe drills or the Backsafe 12 station bio-mechanics circuit, the Backsafe Trainer works in consultation with their supervisor to determine what has to happen to enable them to carry on with normal duties.

The formal assessment of the staff's ability to perform the duties of their job is a big part of the Backsafe program. Combining online learning with face to face and practical assessment is the ideal way to maximise the strengths of both training modalities.

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