Backsafe Manual Handling 2

Backsafe 2 is a revision and maintenance training program that takes 90 - 100 minutes to complete. It is carried out 3, 6 or 12 months after Backsafe 1 so that participants can reinforce earlier training information and reinforce its application in their day to day workplace activities.

We use your tools and equipment to practice new and healthier manual handling habits and we introduce the Backsafe 12 Station Bio-mechanics Circuit® and tailor make this circuit to add a higher level of application specific to your workplace.

We recommend that the entire workforce go through this revision program and complete the Backsafe 2 practical assessment to become truly skilled manual handlers and be able to apply all of the knowledge and skills gained in daily work tasks.

Backsafe 2 manual handling training session includes the following:

  • Discussion of participant’s observations and experience since the initial training.
  • Review of job station difficulties and the physical demands of job tasks.
  • A more detailed human anatomy lesson than delivered in Backsafe 1.
  • A revision of the before work and after break stretches.
  • Advanced preventative / rehabilitation / back injury repairing stretches so as to increase flexibility and core strength of the torso (the key to body stability and protection from injury).
  • Backsafe 12 Station Bio-mechanics Circuit® based on your business activity, job tasks and equipment.
  • Backsafe Trainer demonstrates all stations of the circuit regarding the prevention of manual handling issues and slips, trips and falls.
  • Participants team up in pairs to complete this circuit under the watchful eye of the Backsafe Trainer / Assessor.
  • The session is complete when each pair has worked through the full circuit and can competently demonstrate the correct body movements.

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