Backsafe Manual Handling 1

Backsafe 1 is an onsite training program tailored to the specific needs of your business and employees. These training sessions are conducted in groups of up to 20 people at a time and take between 100 -120 minutes to complete. They are delivered with our edutainment approach and underpinned by our key Backsafe learning concepts guaranteeing a high level of engagement.

After this training, you can expect immediate results with a reduction in injuries and raised awareness of the internal barriers to safe work methods. Staff and supervisors will begin the process of improving the safety level of the workplace while achieving higher productivity and improved morale. The value to the individual of working safely is made clear and positive behavioural change is immediate.

Backsafe 1 manual handling training session includes the following:

  • A brief walk through review of the workplace to assess the variety and intensity of manual handling and mechanical materials handling used on site so as to tailor the training for each client.
  • An introduction to what manual handling is covering all of the aspects of the legal definitions.
  • How the body works and how the spinal column and joints should not be used as a lever arm when lifting.
  • Understanding of how a musculo-skeletal disorder occurs as a cumulative trauma injury.
  • How nerve damage occurs and its impact on the body and its functions.
  • How pain is not always an indicator of existing damage.
  • If damage exists how not to make it worse.
  • Pre-work and after breaks warm-ups and stretches explained and performed by all.
  • Lifting techniques for frequently used items on the job.
  • Practical drilling of lifting and other manual handling utilising all possible techniques.

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