Backsafe Manual Handling Training Level 2

This is a revision and maintenance training program that takes 90 - 100 minutes to complete. It is carried out 3, 6 or 12 months after Backsafe 1 so that participants can reinforce earlier training information and reinforce its application in their day to day workplace activities.

We use your tools and equipment and your stores to practice new and healthier manual handling habits and we introduce the Backsafe 12 Station Bio-mechanics Circuit® and tailor make this circuit to add a higher level of application specific to your workplace.

We recommend that the entire workforce go through this revision program and complete the Backsafe 2 practical assessment to become truly skilled manual handlers and be able to apply all of the knowledge and skills gained in the Backsafe Manual Handling Program.

Sample Program Content

  • A short revision on the anatomy of an injury and how musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs) accrue and their consequences
  • A revision of what constitutes safe bio-mechanics and correct manual handling procedures
  • Warm-up and stretching exercises to avoid soft tissue injuries
  • A practical materials handling assessment skilling workers in becoming highly competent manual handlers
  • Attendees learn to apply every issue that stems from the definition of manual handling as set out in the applicable Code of Practice and how to turn the words into action.
  • How to create an unconscious new healthy work habit so as to avoid the risk of developing MSDs in the body

Who should attend this training?

This program is designed for all general employees and management who are required to carry out manual handling in their day-to-day work and home lives, and is relevant to all industries and workplaces.Without a sound understanding of Backsafe concepts you are almost guaranteed to injure yourself at work or home and get old before your time. Revision is essential and a small price to pay for all if the manual handling epidemic can be locked out of the workplace for ever.

How is the program's content covered?

This practical hands-on and face to face program is undertaken in the classroom and on the workplace floor. Due to the interactive nature of this manual handling program, the maximum class size is 20 participants.This is a consultative process as the trainer works with all attendees to workshop all of the hazardous manual tasks that exist in the workplace. Our aim is to impact on all staff from every department of the business to remove all risk and to return wasted dollars to profits.

Where and when is this program delivered?

This program can be delivered in your workplace using your tools, your equipment and your materials, anywhere in any geographical location. We are insured by RTO Insurance to indemnify you against public liability claims and we are also professionally indemnified. The training can be at any time of the day or night depending on your schedule. We understand that it is important for many organisations to have the same standards across different workplaces and so we are willing to travel to any site.


Backsafe Manual Handling Training Level 1.


A certificate of attendance will be issued at the completion of this training program upon request.


Please contact us at any time to request a proposal. We also offer a special rate for community organisations as our contribution to the community in which we live. Please contact us for a quote on 13 000 BACKSAFE (13 000 222 57) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will get back to you within 24 hours.