Manual Handling Training Sydney

The Backsafe Team is based in Sydney although as a national training provider we are constantly on the move travelling to other capital cities and regional areas.

Our current clients of Sydney and New South Wales based clients include Hanson Heidelberg Cement, Pacific National, Winning Group, Roads and Marine Services, A2 Milk and many more.

One of our clients is a logistics company where manual handling is involved in almost every daily task of every staff member. Our aim is to work with them to achieve real and lasting behaviour change in regards to safe working habits.

We train their staff every year and have managed to decrease their manual handling injuries month on month, year on year. In recent times we have intensified our training including our Manual Handling Champions Program. Over the last recording period, we have achieved a 70% reduction in their manual handling workplace injuries. Our success is based on behaviour based safety training which strengthens peer-to-peer leadership and communication. Here’s is a summary of our training in regards to this client;

  • Feb 2015 - Pilot Manual Handling Champions Program across four sites: Rosehill, Erskine Park, Rocklea and Wodonga in addition to the Backsafe 1. All other company sites with similar risk profile received our Backsafe 1 training program.
  • 17% near-immediate and sustainable reduction in injuries achieved at sites that only received the 90-minute Backsafe 1 training session.
  • 70% reduction in total injuries sustained in the four sites that received Safety Champions training in addition to the Backsafe 1 training session.

Client testimonial

Hi Backsafe,

Feedback has been very favourable & participants have really enjoyed the training. Comments like ‘best manually handling training ever’ & ‘great trainer’ have been mentioned numerously. Team Leaders & Service Centre Managers have also given positive feedback. So terrific.

Manager CHEP Australia



Client testimonial

And here’s another testimonial from a client in the Sydney region.

Dear Backsafe,

I just wanted to thank you again for the back care workshop you presented last night. Back problems are a huge issue in early childhood education and care settings due to the large amount of manual handling work we do, with both equipment and children as well as general tidying and cleaning duties.

The biggest difference between your workshop last night and other manual handling training that we’ve had is that you gave us the knowledge we needed to understand how and why these issues occur in order to avoid them.

Not only did you give us great, practical information to improve our practices to help us now and into the future, you did it in such a lively, entertaining way, you wouldn’t have thought everyone had just been at work all day already.

This morning, my Educators are recapping and discussing the information from last night, including looking at different manual handling situations and how they should approach them. This absolutely demonstrates to me just how much they took on board last night and that they now understand the seriousness of the topic.

Director Early Learning Centre Kogarah NSW