Manual Handling Training Perth

The Backsafe team travels to Perth on a quarterly basis training a range of clients from diversified industries.

Our national client Hanson Concrete has us visiting metro and regional sites and training all manner of participants - from quarry workers, drivers, lab technicians and office staff. This has given a couple of our trainers the opportunity to see much of Western Australia while they train hundreds of staff.

Our goal is to work with our clients to coordinate our trips to not only maximise our own travel time but to also economise on their travel expenses. This sees us coordinate trips to the west some weeks even months out so that we make sure we see our current clients and new clients on a regular basis.

We know that it takes more than one training session to break the bad habits in manual handling training and so we recommend that we run refresher courses every 6-12 months depending on the level of manual handling involved in work tasks. Infact we have created the Backsafe Training Pathway to give our clients the ideal way to not only train all staff using our trainers, but to eventually hand over training to qualified inhouse trainers.

The infographic below shows the Backsafe Training Pathway.