Manual Handling Training Brisbane

Backsafe is a manual handling training program like no other. It's been around for 26 years and continues to successfully slash workplace injuries and raise the culture of safety awareness.

We know that unless each participant sees the personal value in safe work practice - that no lasting change will take place. For this reason we deliver training that is powerful, on message and relevant to each participant and their workplace. Forget "death by powerpoint" because Backsafe has become renowned for its edutainment approach and interactive format. Check out our full range of training programs and consulting services.

Over the last 12 months, the Backsafe team are delivering training to hundreds of workers each week across the country. Our national client Hanson Concrete has us visiting metro and regional sites and training all manner of participants - from quarry workers, drivers, lab technicians and office staff. Yet the response across the whole organisation is pretty constant and can be summed up by the feedback below.

Client testimonial

Guys, I’ve just finished the presentation with Peter from Backsafe. In 33 years with Hanson I’ve never been a part of a more engaging & practical (Training) presentation.

Feedback from the drivers has also been very positive. Peter’ belief in, & the importance of, what he is teaching is immediately evident & underpins everything he says.

I’ve now put a reminder in next year’ calendar to get him back, but would recommend his presentation be added to our training schedule.

Concrete Plant Manager


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