Manual Handling Training Adelaide

The Backsafe Team will be in Adelaide in the coming weeks to deliver the Backsafe 1 program to a number of clients in the region.

Our goal is to work with each client to uncover the manual handling tasks that are causing musculoskeletal disorders and then control them in a number of ways.

First, we undertake a FREE and strictly confidential risk assessment audit to point out any non-compliant or hazardous manual handling issues on site. This is a valuable external view of your site undertaken by trained eyes to assist in legislative compliance and best practice.

Then we train your staff in fundamental Backsafe learning concepts so that understand the cause of musculoskeletal disorders before taking them through some practical job specific tasks, informed by our earlier risk assessment.

Our goal is to not only engage all staff in safe work practice through our Backsafe “edutainment” approach, but to drill practical information so that they feel confident applying their new biomechanical knowledge to the job at hand.

Of course, the ultimate objective is to reduce workplace injuries and associated workers’ compensation costs. Just read through a couple of client testimonials to not only see our success but to see the diversity of client we can help.

Client testimonial

Dear Backsafe,

I just wanted to thank you again for the back care workshop you presented last night. Back problems are a huge issue in early childhood education and care settings due to the large amount of manual handling work we do, with both equipment and children as well as general tidying and cleaning duties.

The biggest difference between your workshop last night and other manual handling training that we’ve had is that you gave us the knowledge we needed to understand how and why these issues occur in order to avoid them.

Not only did you give us great, practical information to improve our practices to help us now and into the future, you did it in such a lively, entertaining way, you wouldn’t have thought everyone had just been at work all day already.

This morning, my Educators are recapping and discussing the information from last night, including looking at different manual handling situations and how they should approach them. This absolutely demonstrates to me just how much they took on board last night and that they now understand the seriousness of the topic.

Director Early Learning Centre Kogarah NSW


Client testimonial

Hi Backsafe,

Feedback has been very favourable & participants have really enjoyed the training. Comments like ‘best manually handling training ever’ & ‘great trainer’ have been mentioned numerously.

Team Leaders & Service Centre Managers have also given positive feedback. So terrific.

Manager CHEP Australia