A manual handling risk assessment is a detailed assessment of the physical demands of all work tasks undertaken in a workplace. The purpose of this assessment is to identify any physical or environment hazards that may put workers at a risk of sustaining a musculoskeletal injury.

Our manual handling risk assessments are an opportunity for a workplace health check, with the aim of fostering continual improvement.  Our approach is highly geared towards identifying and recording best practice, identifying improvement opportunities, and working with the business to pragmatically address specific workplace challenges.

We write a comprehensive report outlining all physical demands, risks and solutions for the short/long term prevention of injuries in the workplace.  Typically, this includes the following information;

  • A detailed task analysis of work activities including a description of which area/part of the workers body is most at risk of a musculoskeletal injury
  • Identification of manual handling injury hazards (e.g. how workers use equipment and the workplace environment)
  • A detailed description of potential control measures to reduce risks.
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