Backsafe Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomics encompasses a range of elements, including the interface between the employee and the job. We assess staff at their workstation to identify potential problem areas and to determine suitable amendments and recommendations that can be made. We also assess their job tasks and the risk of overload of musculo-skeletal structures.

Our assessments take into consideration fundamental ergonomic principles to maximise the safety of work practice and workstations for each staff member.

Hazardous Manual Handling Assessments

Every site has its own set of unique manual handling and materials handling issues. Some issues are hazardous and some are not hazardous by definition but can cause fatigue that frustrates a speedy recovery. Some issues seem to be equally as "dangerous" as others to the untrained eye. They never are and sometimes an external audit is what is needed to sort things out and give the business a workable list to work through. An external audit often saves a lot of money by avoiding misdirected efforts.

We have the capability to carry out a manual handling audit of all of the workplace procedures and production stations in any facility. Once we determine our scope of works we will commence using a number of available tools to carry out the audit. This will include one or more of the following:

  • Manual Handling Incident Investigation
  • Manual Handling Hazard Identification
  • Risk Assessment and Controls
  • Safe Work Method Statements involving Manual Handling and SOPs
  • Materials Handling Equipment Purchase advise and use training

Job Task Analysis and Job Dictionaries

Our experience has shown us that an effective Job Dictionary is one which not only profiles the specific tasks associated with a role and identifies the potential risk(s), but serves as a valuable WHS, HR, and Return to Work tool for the organisation through:

  • Input into pre-employment selection and screening based on true business requirements, decreasing the chance of importing pre-existing injuries and mitigating preventable workplace incidents.
  • Increasing the value of inductions through teaching best practice and explaining task specific risk behaviours from Day 1.
  • Providing the WHS / SHEQ functions with operational risk profiling that integrate into annual improvement plans.
  • Providing the operational workforce with direction on risks to include in SWMS, JHS/JSA, toolbox talks, and operational procedures.
  • Assisting the Return to Work function and allied medical practitioners with appropriate information to make informed decisions about an individual’s capacity to work. This significantly reduces the time taken to resume operational engagement, and to achieve full fitness.

Our method of field data collation through our MSD Review accelerates the Job Dictionary component providing increased value and return on investment. We take a risk based approach to the Job Dictionary workflow meaning that the higher impact tasks from an MSD prevention perspective are tackled first.

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