Digital Training & Management

E-Learning has become an important part of staff development in the workplace, but many organisations struggle to turn online learning into meaningful behaviour change and improved performance.

Most organisations track and evaluate student LEARNING but they don’t take it the next step to track and evaluate APPLICATION of the training information or its IMPACT on business performance.

The Backsafe Training and Management Platform has been developed to support our face to face training. Its objective is to keep the key Backsafe learning concepts uppermost in the minds of your staff so that they can apply them every day in every task.

We work with you to develop digital content specific to your organisation and its training needs. We deliver this using your learning management system or integrating our platform as needed. Together we create metrics to help track engagement and show impact within your organisation.

Our Approach

  • Learning is spaced out rather than ONE BIG event.
  • Learners enjoy strong induction and deep-dive education elements such as e-learning, games & scenarios.
  • Learners are given opportunities for reflection, personal-practice, manager-engaged-practice, mentoring and social-sharing.
  • Learners are setup with an on-going personalised reminder program.
  • Learners are sent learning boosters (small reflective activities) at different intervals 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months after a face to face training event.
  • Learner’s efforts, results, enjoyment and engagement is tracked.
  • Learner’s application within the workplace is tracked and business impact recorded.

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