Digital Training & Management

The Backsafe Digital Training Program provides unprecedented opportunity to deliver safety training, track performance and measure impact across your business. It combines face to face training with continuous digital training support. The Backsafe face to face manual handling training has been delivered to thousands of workers across Australia over the last 26 years. It is renowned for its edutainment approach and its hard-hitting ability to increase worker engagement in safety, decrease risk profile, and decrease worker’s compensation expenditure.

The Backsafe APP builds on this training by delivering micro-learning opportunities spaced over time. The objective is to help users remember the key Backsafe concepts, so they apply them in their work tasks each day. Some of its special features include;

Continuous Mobile Safety Engagement

• Micro-learning elements of interactive videos, knowledge quizzes, games and branching scenarios delivered over time to strengthen continuous learning and maximise performance in the workplace.

WHS Tools & Customisation

• WHS Tools provide opportunity to capture workplace data and maximise compliance.

• Robust system (flexible, scalable, real-time elements) that allows customisation of content to target specific workplace issues.

Performance & Impact Reporting

• Integration with current LMS or supply new.

• Business Impact Dashboard that shows collective progress of your workforce and impact of training.

Access & Pricing

• The Backsafe APP is available for iOS and Android devices through the iTunes App store and google play store.

• We recommend customers work with us to simplify access and ensure that users have completed the Backsafe 1 face to face training within the last 12 months.

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