Industrial Ergonomic Job Station Setups

In today’s modern workplaces, labouring in manufacturing, assembly, repairs, pick n pack type jobs don’t have to be painful or laborious. A few wise adjustments to a work station can make the worker comfortable rather than it becoming an unnecessary source of discomfort and pain. Productivity can boom and the welfare of all concerned can be a plus point for the business concerned. Ergonomics is a science.

There are numerous Guidelines, Codes of Practice that address this issue. This industrial ergonomic job station set-up service will make work easier and more productive without damaging the individual staff member and will stop the creation of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace.

Content of service

Once a scope of works is created with you and sometimes in consultation with the operator we will proceed with the assessment and remedy steps. We will propose a series of steps to be followed to control risks and improve the wellbeing of staff and add to their ability to produce. Adjustments will be made immediately where possible and any further steps will be set out in a report for your consideration and implementation.


A written report will be generated after this set-up service to report steps carried out. All adjustments will be agreed upon with the operator, to a great result. Further adjustments unable to be made on the spot will be noted, reported to you and scheduled for implementation with your agreement. Mechanical of work system changes will be discussed in full.


We charge an hourly or daily rate to undertake our audit services. Job stations can be reviewed and adjusted as we move through the system of work flow.

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