Up to 20 Staff per Session

Our onsite and tailored corporate manual handling training programs can help you:
         Reduce worker's compensation and legal costs

         Improve safety culture in all workplaces
         Reduce debilitating injuries onsite

Backsafe and iAscend (our RTO partner) offer nationally accredited training and non-accredited training tailored to solve your manual handling issues.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored face to face onsite training

What's Included?

Basic human anatomy and an easy to understand explanation and demonstration of how and why manual handling injuries occur

“In my 30 years of managerial experience, I have never come across a training presented to the level of excellence of your Backsafe Program”
Manager Grain Processing

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Preliminary needs analysis to understand your staff habits

25 Years Experience

Unique approach that is supported by a transformational safety philosophy that reduces risk of musculo-skeletal disorders in the workplace
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Up to 20 participants per training session with a maximum of 3 sessions per day
Flexible training time depending on your schedule
Help you comply with WHS Acts, Regulations, and Codes of Practice including the Manual Handling and Hazardous Manual Tasks codes
Special rates for community and not for profit organisations

Demonstration and supervision of a series of warm-up and stretching exercises to avoid soft tissue injuries and to prepare staff ready for work

Practical, correct lifting exercises are tailored to your workplace needs

Manual handling tips are demonstrated, discussed and practiced by all

Correct postures (sitting, standing and even sleeping postures) are discussed, offering new solutions

Ergonomic principles to avoid MSD's (Musculo-skeletal disorders) and how to eliminate hazardous manual tasks or how to mitigate the risk are shown and drilled

Creating a new moving habit is discussed

(Training sessions are conducted in groups of up to 20 people at a time and take between 100 -120 minutes to complete.)

Please note we do not train individual students.

National Onsite Training

Up to 20 Staff Per Session

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Manual Handling Training

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