Backsafe Train the Trainer is an advanced training program conducted over two consecutive days (2 x 8 hours) including morning, lunch and afternoon breaks. It qualifies and licences the participant to deliver the Backsafe Manual Handling Training Program Level 1 within your organisation.

This Train the Trainer Program is designed for experienced in-house trainers who have the time and the goal to eliminate the risk of MSDs in your business. We recommend that the attendees have a Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment TAE or above.

If the trainer does not have a formal training as such we conduct a make-up training designed to help these staff understand and improve their capacity to train others. This is our Trainer Essentials Program.

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The Train the Trainer sessions include the following:

  • Backsafe 1 Manual Handling Training session in full.
  • Anatomy of a musculo-skeletal injury – Our dramatic delivery of this section of the program not only personally engages the participants but equips them to equally inform and engage their own trainees when they deliver this section of the program.
  • Warm-up and Stretching – This section demonstrates correct warm-up and stretching techniques and drills participants in how to safely and effectively instruct their own trainees in these activities. This is a key element of the Backsafe manual handling program and contributes to the overall reduction of soft tissue injuries.
  • Lifting Techniques – This section demonstrates a number of generic and work specific lifting techniques and drills participants in how to safely and effectively instruct their own trainees in their proper use.
  • Toolbox Talks – This section covers eight different 10-15 minute presentations relating to injury prevention. Each participant is drilled in their content and shown how they can be modified to job specific tasks and/or workplaces. Participants are randomly asked to give an impromptu presentation on one of these Toolbox Talks.
  • 12 Basic Body Movements – Participants are taken through a manual handling competency test so that they have the knowledge and skills to be able to assess others. This will form part of your organisations ongoing manual handling training program and not only covers all other manual handling issues but is the basis of your competency assessment criteria.

Trainer Essentials – Optional

This 1 day training program is aimed at new trainers without formal qualifications. Its goal is to give a fast track overview of what it takes to be an engaging and effective trainer and to give each participant a range of tools to use and/or refer to in ongoing training activity. We also work with each participant in developing their communication skills and ask them to give impromptu presentations to build their training expertise and confidence.

Deborah O’Brien 


Train the Trainer Graduates

Training was informative and relative to workplace. Trainer was friendly, patient and knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed the session and would recommend the Train the Trainer to anyone.  Well worth the money spent and will be able to deliver the training to others.  We had fun doing the sessions.  

Deborah O’Brien – Occupational Therapist Ararat, VIC Australia


Have found the training to be amazing.  I have learnt so much and look forward to passing the information on to the community to assist in improving their health and wellbeing and their families. Peter made the training fun and informative.

Helen McPherson – Endorsed Enrolled Nurse / OT Assistance

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