We offer a range of posters that have been carefully developed to support the Backsafe message within the workplace. They come in three sizes and can be purchased in sets of 10 to receive a 10% discount. Postage and handling fees apply. Please contact us via email or phone to place your order or fill in the form below

The posters are A1 $24.00 + GST | A3 $10.00+ GST | A4 $8.00 + GST

Soft Hat

SOFT HAT – Don’t Bend

SOFT HAT – Don’t Twist

SOFT HAT – Don’t Jump

SOFT HAT – Don’t Reach

Hard Hat

HARD HAT – Don’t Bend

HARD HAT – Don’t Twist

HARD HAT – Don’t Jump

HARD HAT – Don’t Reach

No Hat

NO HAT – Don’t Bend

NO HAT – Don’t Twist

NO HAT – Don’t Jump

NO HAT – Don’t Reach


12 Station

12 Station Office

Before Work & After Break

Driver or Traveller Stretches

Safety Zone

Occupational Overuse Syndrome

Heirarchy of Controls

Team Lift

Tank of Health

(available in A3 & A4)