Manual Handling Training Courses Onsite (Australia)

Groups of up to 20 staff per session

Educate, motivate and change unsafe manual handling habits – guaranteed!

Reduce injury claims now without having to research legislation and waste time developing unproven solutions.

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27 Years of Proven Success

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Smash your manual handling injuries within 7 days with a proven training system!

We’ve helped thousands of clients across Australia over the last 27 years and here’s a few you may recognise…

Backsafe and iAscend (our RTO partner) offer nationally accredited training and non-accredited training tailored to solve your manual handling issues.

Take your first step on the Backsafe Training Pathway and put your people through our Backsafe 1 Training Program – well known as the best manual handling training around.

What’s included in the Backsafe 1 Training Program:

(NB: Training sessions are conducted in groups of up to 20 people at a time and take between 100-120 minutes to complete.)

  • Basic human anatomy and an easy to understand explanation and demonstration of how and why manual handling injuries occur
  • Demonstration and supervision of a series of warm-up and stretching exercises to avoid soft tissue injuries and to prepare staff ready for work
  • Practical, correct lifting exercises are tailored to your workplace needs
  • Manual handling tips are demonstrated, discussed and practiced by all
  • Correct postures (sitting, standing and even sleeping postures) are discussed, offering new solutions
  • Ergonomic principles to avoid MSD’s (Musculo-skeletal disorders) and how to eliminate hazardous manual tasks or how to mitigate the risk are shown and drilled
  • Creating a new moving habit is discussed

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