Manual Handling Champions is a 4-5 hour training program gives participants an overview of the key Backsafe messages and associated manual handling applications. It is not an attempt to have these staff members become trainers – they are more identification specialists with skills to go directly to compliance or controls when they see poor manual handling skills at work.

It also explores the role of the Manual Handling Champion and how they can work with management to build a safe working culture around manual handling. Like our other programs, it asks each participant to think about how they can best communicate with their colleagues and how best to engage them in safe manual handling practice rather than only focusing on their delivery skills.

The Manual Handling Champions session includes the following:

  • Information review
    • Review – anatomy of a musculo-skeletal Injury
    • Review – warm-up and stretching program
    • Review – lifting techniques and the 4 Backsafe Don’ts
    • Review – Backsafe Safety Zone and the 12 Basic Body Movements
  • How to be an effective Manual Handling Champion
  • How to create a safe workplace
  • How to create safe work practices
  • Activities and drills
group manual handling champions

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