backsafe home assessments

At Backsafe we know the importance of correct ergonomics and good body mechanics in all workplaces. We have set up thousands of workstations over our 30 years of operation to help people work safely throughout the day.

30 min Virtual Personal Assessment with our Backsafe Trainer using the following;

  • Each person will need a family member to take photos/videos of their current home work station from the rear, 2 x side views and the desk height
  • We would assess this data and then help them set up their home station using Zoom or similar platform.
  • Our trainer will also cover the following information;
    • General ergonomic principles
    • How to set up your home office job station
    • How to sit and stand using best posture
    • How to do warm up and stretches
    • Video – How to set up your office job station
    • Handout – Home back care checklist
    • Handout – Standing and sitting postures

For those people with an existing or aggravated injury we can arrange a certified biomechanics engineer to carry out a formal remote assessment.

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backsafe office checklist

personal Checklist

Contact us today if you would like a digital copy of the Backsafe Office Set Up Checklist.

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Backsafe Posture Check Tool 

We have created a great Posture Check Tool for you and your family,  It comes with our Backsafe APP.  Contact us if you want a demo.

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One on one virtual assessment to make sure you are working safe at home.