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Over the last 28 years we have worked with hundreds of clients and helped them  reduce injuries, save millions of dollars in workers’ compensation claims and slash insurance premiums. Our objective is to create safe workplaces, safe work practices and the creation of healthy, safe work habits.

If we had to sum up what sets us apart from other training and consulting companies, we would say that our unique products and services are underpinned by the following elements.

  • Training experience – extensive nationally and internationally
  • Proactive approach – injury prevention and harm minimisation
  • Innovative content – unique and powerful key learning concepts
  • Edutainment delivery – both face to face and online
  • Guiding values – safety, care, goodwill, non-harm
  • Driving objective – to make a positive difference in the world through business


Like every high performing business, our people are our greatest asset. Our trainers and consultants are hand-picked for their industry experience and ability to provide engaging services to our clients.

All of our people are suitably experienced and qualified. The diversity in our team enables us to match our best people to service your needs. It also enables us to bring our breadth of understanding in human resources to engage your staff in a range of issues from safe manual handling, safe work practices and safe job design.

Our ultimate goal is to use our edutainment approach to wake-up and energise participants to see the value of working safely. Not just for the company – but for themselves. We help them understand that caring for themselves and others not only contributes to a better workplace but creates a culture of harmony and cooperation.

It also gives them greater responsibility in their workplace roles and opens up the potential for greater creativity and innovation in all aspects of their day to day activity.

backsafe trainer explaining leverage principle


We catalyse engagement in a sustainable future by helping individuals and organisations develop the knowledge, skills and capacity to prosper in today’s changing business landscape.

We do this by delivering high quality training and personalised consulting through our three branded platforms BackSafe, MindSafe and BizSafe.

Each platform uses our unique edutainment approach and innovative digital training technology to maximise alignment and engagement by all staff to build high performing organisations.

Each platform is underpinned by our strong commitment to build safe, healthy and productive workplaces and guided by our values of integrity, responsibility and sustainability.

To find out more visit our organisation’s website. www.sustain-ability-int.com

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