About Us

We are an on-site, face to face training organisation. We tailor manual handling instruction and resources to suit your business needs and we work with you to minimise your exposure to manual handling risk. Our aim is to solve the manual handling epidemic that is challenging all organisations and in turn reduce injuries suffered by working people and save millions of dollars in workers’ compensation claims and excess premiums.

We have developed a series of training and assessment steps to help bring our clients to legal compliance and then to world’s best practise standards. With our 25 years of training experience, we have developed a unique approach that is supported by a transformational safety philosophy in musculo-skeletal safety training and assessment. This works to maximise all stakeholder efforts towards safe workplaces, safe work practices and the creation of healthy, safe work habits. This is in direct contrast to traditional forms of safety management which have not reduced this category of injury or the associated compensation claims.

The Backsafe Team works to address the poor manual handling habits, poor working postures, ill-conceived job station setups and poor work practice designs that cause many of these MSD's.  Our proactive approach has been proven to work across different organisations and different industries.

Our innovative Backsafe Pathway® is a series of assessments, training programs and audits that help management change the unsafe work practices of their staff across all industries. Each step of the Backsafe Pathway can be customised to suit the real and present needs of your business – no matter how big or how small.

Where to Start

Most businesses start with our Backsafe Manual Handling Training Level 1 on-site training program. Then as their knowledge and understanding of the full Backsafe Pathway increases, they start to undertake various assessments and other training and implementation steps to accelerate safety culture change. See our most popular programs described below alternatively view all of our training and assessment programs in the drop down menu on this website.

Backsafe Manual Handling Training Level 1

This is an on-site, face to face, practical and dynamic 120 minutes training program to establish Backsafe in your organisation. Participants are given a basic yet powerful human anatomy lesson to demonstrate how poor workplace manual handling habits damage the body and lead to musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs). We then focus on each participant and their work practices and how to eliminate manual handling technique errors. This is followed by a clear explanation of how to prevent injuries and then expert demonstrations on safe techniques for warm-ups, stretches, correct lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and restraining loads.

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Backsafe Manual Handling Training Level 2

This is a revision and maintenance training program that takes 90 -100 minutes to complete. It is carried out 3, 6 or 12 months after Backsafe Level 1 so that participants can reinforce earlier training information and its application in their day to day workplace activities. We use your tools, equipment and stores to practice new and healthier manual handling habits and we also introduce the Backsafe 12 Station Bio-mechanics Circuit® to add a higher level of application and competence specific to your workplace.

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Safe Lifting and Specialist Manual Handling

Lifting is a big part of manual handling. Lifting causes significant sudden impact on the body if carried out incorrectly and is a significant cause of MSDs. In most businesses we have to turn the "macho-man" attitude into a safe lifting and moving attitude and embed this within the health and well-being culture of the organisation. We know that some workplaces have unique and distinctive manual handling job requirements and our Backsafe Trainers are skilled in determining safe work method procedures to suit these requirements. This includes moving small stable loads, to moving large heavy or awkward loads requiring specialist handling skills. We train each participant to use their body correctly without harming themselves or the objects they are moving.

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Other Modules

Please contact us for any further information or to get a proposal on our assessment, training and audit services. We travel anywhere in Australia and/or the Pacific region and will fit in with any workplace schedule (day or night) to deliver our training programs. The Backsafe Team is a highly skilled and committed group of safety professionals and we look forward to helping you achieve your safety goals.