Train the Trainer – Online with live trainers

After nearly three decades training onsite, COVID lockdowns have forced us online.  And while we resisted at the start, we have found the zoom training to work really well both for the students and the trainers.

Just like our face-to-face training, we start by explaining how a musculoskeletal injury occurs.  We don’t use fancy names for body parts or legal jargon to describe safety legislation.  Instead, we use real communication to make our message clear and graphics and resources to reinforce trainee learning.

Our stories of gradual and accumulative injury overtime never fail to engage participants and show them the personal value of changing bad manual handling habits.

We explain a range of Backsafe learning concepts which demonstrate the Manual Handling Code of Practice in simple terms and demonstrate the difference between manual handling and hazardous manual handling.

This all happens online via zoom with one of our experienced Backsafe facilitators. Just like onsite training sessions, we keep participants engaged with our edutainment approach and our stories that relate to the everyday worker.

We then do a walk around the workplace with the participants as they carry their mobile phone or pad. Just like onsite visits, we stop at workplace locations that pose a potential risk and discuss practical controls.  We even watch workers as they manually handle loads in different settings and work with our trainees to work out alternative solutions.

The final stage of our Train the Trainer program sees us drill the trainees so that they can deliver their own Backsafe training session in an impactful way.

We supply these trainees with our Backsafe workbook, stretchcards, series of posters and toolbox talks so that they are fully equipped and armed ready to become Backsafe Champions within the workplace.

To find out more about our Backsafe Train the Trainer Program (Online via Zoom) contact Peter Broadbent 0414 460 859 or

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