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Train the Trainer

After nearly three decades training and assessing manual handling issues in councils, shipping companies, hospitals, warehouses, civil and construction sites all over Australia and the Pacific, we are seeing a metamorphosis. A drive to move towards zero injury by building capacity of inhouse staff to mentor and train their fellow workers.

Some of today’s safety managers, HR and L&D executives are hiring a new breed of staff who are not only able but keen to deliver face to face and on-line training.  The Backsafe Team are often asked to provide content and in-house training to arm these new professionals with the training materials and expertise to get out and tackle the hard task of turning around our nation’s epidemic of musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs).  A significant problem that won’t go away, particularly in times of lockdown.

The modern worker knows that you are supposed to bend your knees, keep your back straight up and down, and hold the load close.  But do they follow these safety rules? The answer is a resounding NO!

Modern day workers are not good at taking orders without a good reason and current safety training is full of rules, techniques and orders without enough information as to why or what’s in it for me.

The team at Backsafe have made our name by our direct and no BS approach at pointing this out.  We provide the working person with the truth about their bad habits of lifting and general manual handling. We show them the real reason to change and the personal impact of not doing so.

We don’t use fancy names for body parts or legal jargon to describe safety legislation.  Instead, we use real communication to make our message clear and graphics and resources to reinforce our message when we leave.  We don’t use a death by powerpoint approach, instead we use our unique edutainment method to engage, enable and empower workers to take responsibility for their safety and good health.

The same is true for our Train the Trainer programs.  We train inhouse staff to understand all the key Backsafe concepts and then drill them so that they can get our message across in an impactful way.  We supply these trainers with our Backsafe workbook, stretchcards, series of posters and toolbox talks so that they are fully equipped and armed ready to become Backsafe Champions within the workplace.

Our recent Train the Trainer success stories say it all…..

I liked the shock factor – made me pay attention and the information stick.

Learned the impact physically of even a minor lift done incorrectly.

Learned how to pass on that knowledge effectively.

Have found that I am already re-assessing everyday tasks that I never thought about, applying new information and more aware of what I’m doing.

I want to teach my son, so he doesn’t do the damage from an early age.

The biggest thing I got out of the training was the backing and reinforcement that simple manual handling training and techniques can have a major financial and cultural impact on a business.

To find out more about our Backsafe Train the Trainer Program contact Peter Broadbent 0414 460 859 or peter@backsafe.com.au

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