Slashing musculoskeletal Injuries through dynamic micro learning

Microlearning is a way of providing short, focused pieces of content to your staff when and where they need it.  In a world where people are checking their smartphones 9 times an hour, modern workplace learners are keen to access their e-learning programs on mobile devices when they have a moment to spare (ie on trains, over lunch or between meetings). We see this as small windows of learning opportunity.

The key objective with micro learning is to make it easier for staff to understand and retain key concepts. Lessons focus on one key idea at a time so that they can accomplish a specific and actionable objective.  Digital learning experts suggest some of the following tips to create the best micro digital content.

  • Menu of focussed topics
  • Personalised diagnostic tools
  • Interactive content
  • On the job examples

The Backsafe APP has been developed with these ideas in mind. We see our digital micro e-learning content as a way to remind staff of the key Backsafe Manual Handling concepts during the day. 

Menu of focussed topics

We deliver our Backsafe APP through our key learning topics;

  • Basic Anatomy
  • How an injury occurs
  • Key Backsafe Principles
  • Your body at work
  • Manual handling & Lifting

This not only helps students remember the key Backsafe messages it helps them navigate the content as needed.  We work with clients to create individualised programs so that we deliver the micro learning content at times most suited to the staff members. 

Personalised diagnostic tools

We have created the Backsafe Posture Check Tool which the student can access at any time.  This tool allows them to do a Quick Standing Posture Check or a more in-depth Posture Check. They record their results and compare them over time. We give health recommendations based on their results.  The student can analyse and store data for as many people as they like and so we encourage students to engage their family in this tool.

Interactive content

The Backsafe APP is comprised of micro-learning elements of interactive videos, knowledge quizzes, games and branching scenarios delivered over time.  We send notifications to remind the student of their tasks and award completion badges along the way.  This gamification approach helps engage staff as we deliver a range of content.

On the job examples

We have worked with a number of clients to develop digital content specific to their workplace issues.  This helps maximise engagement as staff can more easily relate to content specific to work tasks they perform each day.

The Backsafe APP is a way to support our face to face training. If staff have experienced our face to face training, it is a good idea to revise that training from time to time to keep the message in front of mind. If staff have not experienced our face to face interactive session the Backsafe APP is a great place to start as it teaches all of the basics until a face to face training can be completed and our trainer /assessor can put them through their paces.

Where do I get the Backsafe APP?

The Backsafe APP is available for iOS and Android devices through the iTunes App store and Google Play store.  We recommend customers work with us to simplify access and ensure that ideally users have  completed the Backsafe 1 face to face training within the last 12 months.

For more info call Peter Broadbent 0414 460 859 or

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