Tank of Health – The Secret to Maximising Your Health during Co-VID19

By Peter Broadbent

Tank of Health – The Secret to Maximising Your Health during Co-VID19

Locked up with your partner, kids or house mates? Not going out for a for dinner, dancing or a bit of fun? It’s difficult to get the junk food you love, let alone food at your favourite restaurant on Saturday night. Cooking the old favourites at home, again and again.  It’s all starting to taste the same!

My GP, Dr Bagot, gave me the “Tank of Health” on my first visit to him over 20 years ago. It was a sketch of an idea he saw at a medical seminar, but I loved the concept and have been living by its principles ever since.  I even turned it into a catchy poster and added some profound thinking from the famous natural hygienist Harvey Diamond.

So let me offer you this valuable insight into living longer and living better throughout your life and even into your later years.  It’s worth the investment of a few minutes to read through these ideas and really apply them to how you live each day. Especially now as we try to maximise our health to avoid CO-VID19.

This poster is yours to download and print and to give away to a friend who really needs it.

The Tank of Health looks at the inputs and the outputs of your body.  The inputs relate to when you indiscriminately fill it up to overflowing with too much food and drink, too many chemicals or air borne contaminants, or too much stress in your day. There are of course all sorts of inputs that you fill your tank with each day, but the main ones, in no particular order, are described below.

  • Genetics
  • Unknown Factors
  • Nutrition
  • Hormones
  • Infections
  • Stress
  • Inhalants
  • Chemicals and Environment
  • Food Intolerances


Your genotype (DNA) factor comes to you without a choice.  Some of us are luckier than others with the gene pool we were scooped out of ie brown eyes, cute facial dimples, blood type, height, hay fever. Today you can know more about the DNA factors in your life if you wish, by testing. But information from these tests is still difficult to apply in real life.  If you have a predisposition to an ailment, how to take corrective action is still problematic.

Unknown Factors

Here is the catch all. We don’t know what we don’t know – so watch out! Do your own research and when in doubt, don’t let any unknowns into your body tank.  Once things flow in, they can be difficult to get out.

Consider the lead that was an ingredient in early paints.  Lead and mercury in our tooth fillings.  Even fluoridation of our drinking water which my good friend in NZ is fighting against.  I know very little about fluoridation and it all sounds quite reasonable from a dentist, but still I drink pure distilled water just to be sure.


The nutritional factors of you and your ancestral family will to some degree determine your height and underlying health factors. The past generations who survived through famine were toughened up by the harsh times, but the lack of a proper diet may have also contributed to underlying health issues that have been passed down the line and may be revealed in your childhood or in later life with varying consequences.

With a better understanding of nutritional factors, new generations are now taller and broader than their ancestors. However, the fast food industry, with its high sugar, cooked saturated and trans fats, as well as the huge servings offered, has caused a large percentage of our modern population to become obese.  Some are even suffering from a body that can’t fit in anymore “food” and are malnourished.

When the food we eat is largely poisonous, our health care system and our obese and diabetic patients are in trouble. A long-term balanced diet is vital for health. Managing the nutritional inputs of your tank of health is of vital importance.


Today’s milk and beef industries inject hormones into the young beasts to increase the yield of milk and beef meat along with their commercial profits. Garlic, peaches, soybeans and berries are fed estrogen. Some reports, not from the beef and dairy industry of course, link cancer directly to the hormones in our beef and dairy products. Scientists clearly distinguish between grass fed beasts and corn or grain fed animals with or without “medicines” added. You must look at the source of what you eat and drink. Filtered water, yes the simple H2O is a ready remedy.


Infections are caused by the invasion and multiplication of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites that are not normally in the body but kept at low and insignificant levels. We are now all being educated about infections in the news all day and every day. The current virus is filling our airwaves, but this has drowned out infections in our food chain, how they are treated at the farm gate and what residuals are left in the plant and animal products that we eat. Herbicides in our vegetables are a problem when we transport off season products nationwide.  Buying local, organic fresh produce whenever possible is always best – but better still is growing your own like I do.  This way you know exactly what you are eating.


Stress on the body is caused by working too hard physically or mentally over too many hours without the enough rest and recovery time in between shifts. This could be over exertion of the weekend athlete, or too much food or too much booze without sufficient body filtering time, in between binges.

Mental stress in the other hand has rapidly become the second most costly and most common compensable workplace injury. Stress also occurs when you work without acknowledgement of work well done. We have upwards of 70,000 random thoughts enter our headspace every day, learning how to properly deal with this invasion is key to you lowering your stress levels. See our Mindsafe Training Program for more info mindsafe.com.au. But may I say that it is not the thoughts that ill effect you, its ruminating (or constantly thinking) about a small number of them that stresses you. We all must address our stress levels every day to be well.


Breathing in your workplace or the fumes of your hobby room at home can cause enormous levels of toxins to enter the body. Wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and having adequate site ventilation and isolation of toxic gases in the workplace are important areas of risk control. Asbestos and silica dust are the infamous examples that we all know of because of broad advertising and publicity. But what else lurks in the air near you? It is important to breath clean fresh air everywhere you go.

Chemicals and Environment

Chemicals and a controlled workplace environment go hand in hand. Working with purple garment dyes in the early industrial revolution caused workers to drop like flies of cancer. These days chemical burns to skin and lungs have been radically reduced due to Worksafe / Workcover and the courts prosecuting unethical or careless employers. We play with chemicals every day to kill mould in our showers and to clean in our kitchens and laundries. We must always protect ourselves from these chemicals entering our body through the skin or other easy entry points.

Food Intolerances

As the Tank of Health fills with foreign particles and/or stress reaches a critical level, the body revolts. Food intolerance, food allergies or food sensitivities are terms often used interchangeably, but they are quite different. If you suspect that you are allergic to a certain food get tested, it may save your life. However, many people are sensitive to certain foods because when ingested they have an adverse effect however modest. The same with food sensitivity. Do not underestimate the effects filling your body’s tank to overflowing.

Whatever you let into your “Tank of Health” may cause your healthy levels to become critical.  Inappropriate intake and exposure to these factors over time creates symptoms and resultant disease. Don’t fill your tank with the wrong inputs and your body will be at ease, instead of disease.

On the other side of the poster or chart, working from the bottom up is the progressive movement of disease toward cancer. The body will automatically and predictably work its way gradually up the scale toward cancer. The ill-effects of an overfilled or overflowing Tank of Health are, lowest to highest.

  • Enervation
  • Toxaemia (Toxemia)
  • Irritation
  • Inflammation
  • Ulceration (Encystation)
  • Induration
  • Cancer


Enervation is a feeling of being drained of energy or vitality ie fatigue. It is being deprived of force or strength; it is to destroy the vigour of the body, to weaken the entity (body and mind). When the body becomes enervated it is a natural response to an over filling tank of health. An immediate remedy to this condition is usually to drink water, rest and don’t eat for a time until the body becomes energised again. This will take a few hours or may require a night’s sleep to bring you back to homeostasis. Homeostasis is a state of equilibrium where the body will exhibit optimum performance indicators. Chocolate and or a nicotine buzz drink is the worst thing to do if you want to boost your energy levels. Children often become enervated and require this standard remedy. You just have to view an enervated child to see or hear how intimately the body and mind are connected. Missing an evening meal occasionally is all that in needed to push the critical level of the tank down so that the normal functions of the body in filtering out the irritant inputs or level out the emotional overload permitted hampers the wellness of the entity. And this means the whole entity – the body, mind (and spirit).

Toxaemia or Toxemia

Toxaemia is blood poisoning caused by the presence of toxins (poisons) or other irritants or from a local bacterial infection. When we overload the intake side of the entity it will be felt by the body and a condition of toxicity will result. If levels of enervation are too high and irritations are present in sufficient quantity, the body will rebel in the form of toxaemia.


Irritation is the discomfort in the body partly caused by reaction to an irritant substance. This could be a chemical or food substance or an additive to a food substance in the manufacturing process of the raw food substance such as a preservative.  It is always advisable to limit the intake of foods prepared in a factory.  Natural and fresh food is always better and avoids the need for food additive agents to lengthen the shelf life of a product.  Irritation is also the mental state of feeling annoyed, impatient or slightly angry – these two conditions work hand in hand. The presence of body irritants such as curry, chili, pepper or other irritants often causes mental discomfort. Because these two are so closely linked, we have to manage intakes of any irritants in the body. The intake of herb or spice irritants is often to feel a rush in our body. It is seen to be better than feeling nothing but irritating your body to get a rush of irritation is a poor substitute for achieving something good or assisting another in a moment of need.


Inflammation is part of a complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli such as irritants, damaged cells, pathogens, (infection agents) it is a protective response involving immune cells and blood vessels. The function of inflammation is to eliminate the initial cause of the injury. Chili paste, pepper and too much salt are common irritants in our food and lead to inflammation. When irritation has gone on too long inflammation results.


Ulceration is an open sore or wound that develops on the skin. They are an attempt to eliminate toxins in the body and are an overload response. A further development of a wound that is the opening up and leaking out toxicity is encystation that is, the body forming a cyst around a toxin or the enclosing in a capsule to take the toxin out or away from influencing the body. This encapsulation can take place sometimes in the lymph glands which play a vital role in your body’s ability to fight infection. They are filters trapping viruses, bacteria and other invaders of the body before they can affect the holistic functions of the whole body. They encyst these body irritants and lock them up until the body can eliminate them in a time of less toxicity.  


Induration is an increase in the fibrous elements in tissue commonly associated with inflammation that has gone on too long. Induration is often marked by loss of elasticity and pliability. It is isolated sclerosis or a hardened mass of tissue. Massive infections take a toll on the body and destroy the structure of the skin and deeper tissues nearby and induration is the result.


Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy healthy body tissues. Cancer is a tragedy when it hits a family member. There is much debate about how cancer develops in your body but it is also well known that if you keep your weight under control and you look after the inputs of your body, exercise regularly and limit inputs of obvious toxins such as smoking and booze you are less likely to die early of cancer.

There is much to know about cancer prevention but ultimately I believe it is mostly in your hands.   Your attention to your Tank of Health is a vital step towards living a life of body vitality. 


There is a direct relationship between the inputs of your Tank of Health and the outputs that the body will go through as a consequence of over-filling, over polluting or more seriously slowly poisoning your tank. If you pollute your tank you will suffer the inevitable outputs seen in the scale above.

The body will use the vital nutrition it needs and filter out  the inappropriate inputs that it can through the egestion and urination processes or through sweating of the  largest organ of your body, the skin, by sweating at night in bed or during the day. This elimination process is needed and must be encouraged. Sometimes these elimination processes go into overdrive in an attempt to clear out the pollutants or overloading. The loss of this energy creates the condition of enervation.

When you overload the body too much you will first enervate yourself; your body will need to lay down and seek a physiological rest, until the filtering process can catch up and you are able to lower the input critical levels.

Your body is a miraculous doctor and following this enervation recovery formula and understanding the entire elimination processes and how the body escalates these natural processes is a vital understanding to long term great health.  Ignoring this scale will always result in an upsurge in the symptoms of an overflowing Tank of Health.

I urge you to become your own doctor with this wisdom. Please feel free to contact me if you would like a FREE copy of the Tank of Health Poster or discuss these ideas in more detail.

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