The secret to reducing worker’s comp and slashing MSD injuries – guaranteed!

Peter discusses onsite risk management

Poor manual handling carried out daily by 99% of your staff are recorded by authorities as musculo-skeletal disorders. These poor habits are the biggest category of worker’s compensation injury in most industries.  Each year manual handling injuries cause untold suffering and pain to workers and smash the bottom-line viability of business.

But it doesn’t have to be like this!

We all love a safety manager or trainer who teaches staff a new-beaut moving or lifting technique.  But teaching technique alone without demonstrating a VALUE for the participant, is largely forgotten the next day.

Hearing words alone, no matter how wise they are, leads to confusion. Staff end up questioning themselves the next day.  Are my feet supposed to be this way or that way?  Is my grip supposed to be here or there?

But when a trainer delivers a full learning experience, trainees are never in doubt the next day.  No one ever forgets a well described and properly drilled in learning experience that reveals REAL VALUE.  And this is the secret I have discovered after 30 years of training.


Every trainee I have seen in the last 28 years knows the catch cry “bend your knees and keep your back straight.”  But no one ever follows this imposed rule!

The main reason for this lost learning opportunity is due to the fact that most of our trainees are Aussies and Kiwi’s and rules (without meaning) are not big in Australia and New Zealand culture.  Unless you give a good reason for your training idea, one that is fully understood in the hearts and heads of the attendees and then thoroughly drilled into their muscle memory – no change will ever take place.

Each individual trainee needs to see the real and personal VALUE of change and each individual needs to feel it in their bodies so they understand the personal rewards.  Otherwise they will keep doing activities in the same old ways, using the same old habits and causing the same old MSDs.

If these old bad habits are poor for their health and they don’t know it, that multiplies the problem, daily, until the day of the MSD catastrophe. Without real change you are going to be stuck with a steady or rising numbers of MSD injuries resulting in lost profits and an injured workforce. Absenteeism and presenteeism will also grow.

This simple but powerful idea is how we’ve built our Backsafe reputation and is the basis of our unique message and our powerful pedagogical skill.  (Pedagogy is the art of teaching. It is the study of how knowledge and skills are imparted from one person to another.)

If you want to waste your time and training money, teach your people manual handling technique.  If you want to create cultural change – teach them a new moving habit based on personal knowledge, rigorous skills development and show the individual value of the results. This is the Backsafe pedagogy and our secret to lasting behaviour change with our thousands of clients. We train clients to the point that they no longer need us.

I challenge you to look at your Work Comp statistics and check whether you are wasting thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary injury compensation costs.   Our Backsafe clients don’t waste their resources in this way – instead they invest in real behaviour change and real injury prevention.

If it’s time your workers saw the real value in changing their old poor bad manual handling habits – then why not give us a call. We are in our 28th year of serving your industry. Over these years I’ve personally trained tens of thousands of workers and if I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times – Why didn’t I get taught this info in school?  Why has it taken so long for me to understand these basic concepts?

Call us to discuss our Backsafe Training Pathway which is a step by step path through our range of on-site training programs.


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