Metro Trains moves people around Melbourne

As the city’s metropolitan rail service, Metro operates 220 six carriage trains across 965 kilometres
of track, transporting 415,000 customers each day. In order to meet the demands of a rapidly
expanding Melbourne population, their aim is to provide a seamless transport solution in order to
keep Melbournians on the move and connected.

Metro Trains has a keen focus on safety for both their staff and customers. One of their proactive
staff initiatives is the implementation of the Backsafe manual handling program.  This initiative is a
fantastic infusion with Metro being amazing at trains, and Backsafe being experts at training.

The Backsafe team have commenced delivering sessions to Metro’s Track Maintenance division and
last week we covered Bell Station, Caulfield East, and E-Gate. As Melbournians we at Backsafe
regularly use public transport, and so it was reassuring to us that the Metro Trains staff
demonstrated all the ingredients of being a high performing unit.

The participants, eager to expand their WHS knowledge, challenged our trainers and we are very
proud to report we received comments including “that’s the most interesting safety training I’ve
ever attended” and “thanks so much for helping me and my team keep each other even safer”.

We feel we’ve assisted Metro Train’s Track Maintenance crews to be safer and more comfortable –
which is just the thing they strive to achieve with every passenger riding their trains.

To hear more about how we make safety training awesome, please get in touch or call us on 1300 022 257. Metro Trains decided to choo choo choose us – and you should too!

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