Holy Safe Lifting Techniques Batman – 4 Pillars Gin

their Healesville distillery.  Although they have the latest and greatest manufacturing equipment and a workforce of exceptional talent; there’s one workplace risk they needed a helping hand with:  Controlling musculoskeletal disorders.

Backsafe was engaged to assess Four Pillars Gin’s operations ranging from the very tasty cellar door (the gin was delicious too…but that’s a story for another day) through to the packaging and dispatching.  We then trained 26 employees.  There’s many things one can mix with alcohol, but electricity is probably not a good idea.  Thankfully we were able to deliver the sessions away from the fermenting vats of tasty goodness which meant the sparks that flew during edutaining sessions only ignited the team to work safer every day…and not the produce.

Here’s the feedback on how we did:

“Hi Chris,

“Holy safe lifting techniques Batman”

Just wanted to say how much the staff enjoyed and got out of the recent Backsafe training.
We had our fortnightly OH&S meeting today and everyone commented on how the staff had implemented change within hours of doing the training.

It’s also been really exciting to have an ongoing conversation after the course with staff still talking about it now (usually it’s long forgotten as soon as it’s over).  So, it’s safe to say that it made a massive impact on our staff.

Lastly just wanted to thank you for being so easy to deal with especially with how flexible you were with dates etc.

Just want to wish you and the business all the best as you are really bloody good at your job and deserve all the recognition you get.

Could you also please pass this onto Dr Matt, who went over and above in terms of providing techniques for our staff after the training had finished.”

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