Backsaefing the Level Crossing Removal Project in VIC

The Level Crossing Removal Authority was established in 2015 by the Victorian Government to oversee the largest rail infrastructure project in the state’s history.

Central to the project is the elimination of 50 dangerous and congested level crossings across metropolitan Melbourne by 2022, in addition to upgrading or constructing more than 20 train stations; laying many kilometres of new track; and making associated rail improvements.

The Backsafe Team were called upon to deliver our manual handling training to workers across all elements of the project at Clayton South, Carnegie, and the fabrication yard at Clayton. As with all major projects our sessions were jam packed with diversity, from non-destructive hole diggers on the ground to scaffolders reaching all new heights aloft. To keep this critical project rolling we delivered our sessions to an intensive schedule commencing as early as 5AM and as late as 8PM meshing perfectly with operational requirements. It was no surprise that we received feedback including “that would have to be the best training I have ever had”“why didn’t I learn this at trade school”.

The level crossing removal project significantly increases road safety in Victoria and it was our pleasure to reduce musculoskeletal injury risk to those workers.

Our Method

There’s a reason why Backsafe has become a highly recognised training partner across construction and other industries. Our 26 years in operation has made us the subject matter experts in musculoskeletal injury prevention, but that fact alone is not our measure of success. It’s our method: Edutainment. That’s right – our sessions are not only educational they are also entertaining.

This maximises knowledge transfer reducing risky habits while promoting safe work practices.

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