Backsafe is affiliated with a National Registered Training Organisation ‘iAscend’. We work together to provide a full range of accredited and non-accredited training options for our clients.

We are an on-site, face to face training organisation who tailors manual handling instruction and resources to suit your business needs. Our aim is to solve the manual handling epidemic that is challenging all organisations and in turn reduce injuries suffered by working people and save millions of dollars in workers’ compensation claims and excess premiums.

We have developed a series of training and assessment steps to help bring our clients to legal compliance and then to world’s best practise standards. With our 25 years of training experience, we have developed a unique approach that is supported by a transformational safety philosophy in musculo-skeletal safety training and assessment. This works to maximise all stakeholder efforts towards safe workplaces, safe work practices and the creation of healthy, safe work habits.

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Before we carry out any of our training programs, we talk to you over the telephone to carry out a preliminary needs analysis. This involves determining who your most vulnerable workers are (i.e. those employed in the highest risk areas of your business) so that we can train them in the first round of training.


A preliminary step in the Backsafe Training Pathway is to undertake a training needs analysis to assess your existing training and assessment needs based on your workplace set up, work environment and your staff’s existing manual handling habits. This is done both on the telephone prior to going to site, talking to you...